Community Commitment Plan


Our vision for ICE District is to create a space downtown to gather, to live, work and play while enjoying some of the best sports and entertainment in the world. We are always working to ensure being a resident, tenant or neighbour of ICE District is a positive and beneficial experience and we will continue to collaborate with the community as ICE District continues to develop. Through open communication, strong leadership and careful planning, we believe we can achieve the points outlined in the Community Commitment Plan below with excellence.

Community Standards

  • An ICE District Community Forum (online) has been set up for community concerns directed to ICE District. All concerns will be addressed appropriately in a timely manner. The ICE District Community Online Forum will be open before, during and after the event for community feedback and is accessible 24/7.
  • ICE District has and will continue to review and update its policies and plans prior to the event based on the feedback received though the local authorities and comments received during the Development Permit review period.
  • ICE District is committed to meeting its extensive Sound Dispersal, Crowd Management and Egress Plans (as listed each event’s operational plan). ICE District has employed a top of the line production company that will focus on sound dispersal and mitigation technology.
  • ICE District is committed to continuing to work closely and diligently with official partners such as the EPS, EFRS, AGLC, AHS and City of Edmonton Licensing and Bylaw to create a safe experience and to lessen any adverse community impact.
  • The top priority of ICE District during setup/construction will be to keep the site and surrounding area organized, clean, safe and free of garbage as to not become a nuisance or eyesore to our neighbours and surrounding environment. To support this, ICE District will engage third party services from waste management to reduce any adverse community impact.
  • ICE District is committed to strictly abiding to all set permits.
  • ICE District and its contractors will consistently patrol the perimeter of the premises during operational hours and egress of the event.
  • ICE District will encourage all guests to utilize safe and available transportation to and from the festival including public transportation, taxis and ride-share services.
  • To assist in the extensive ICE District egress plan, ICE District will align dedicated and approved pick-up and drop-off zones for public transportation (including Taxi & Ride Share) with Rogers Place. Detailed signage will be posted.
    ICE District is committed to providing accessible customer service to people with disabilities; in a manner that respects their dignity, independence, integration and that is equitable in relation to the broader public.
  • ICE District will continue to promote and host a diverse range of organized activities and events throughout the year, including community entertainment & sporting events. Fan Park has partnered with the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation to continue to bring awareness and raise funds for charitable organizations and foundations important to our community.
  • In continued support and development of the local community and the arts, ICE District has commissioned a local indigenous artist to contribute to art installations as part of the new Fan Park site.
  • ICE District is committed to keeping the safety of its guests and the community its top priority. Event security will be extensive and comprise of internal OEG security with additional support provided by a third party contractor and the Edmonton Police Service (Pay Duty).
  • ICE District is committed to long term community standard’s success. Following the event, ICE District will encourage local businesses, residential residents, and all ICE District Community Forum[ACP3] contributors to provide feedback. Policies and plans will be updated based on the community feedback.

Guest Guidelines

We expect all guests in ICE District Event Sites to adhere to the following guidelines for everyone’s enjoyment and safety:

  • Treat other fans, ICE District staff and law enforcement with respect and kindness. Harassment or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Help us maintain a clean and pleasant environment by refraining from littering or causing damage to any property, including inside or around the ICE District Event Sites.
  • Refrain from any inconsiderate, disruptive or dangerous behaviour of any kind.

Fan Behaviour Policies

To prioritize the safety of our guests, ICE District enforces strict policies for fan behaviour regarding the following:

  • The possession, use, or sale of narcotics or any other controlled substances at the ICE District Event Site is strictly prohibited.
  • Carrying weapons of any nature or objects/items that resemble a weapon is strictly prohibited.
  • Any form of disruptive behaviour towards fellow fans, staff, city officials or members of the surrounding community, as determined by ICE District staff, will not be tolerated.

If you witness or suspect any illicit or illegal activities, please promptly notify ICE District security and/or EPS (Edmonton Police Service). Your assistance in maintaining a secure environment is greatly appreciated.


ICE District will promote and host a diverse range of organized activities and events throughout the year. A full list of upcoming events can be found at

General FAQs

Where is Fan Park located?

Fan Park @ ICE District is located at 10104 104 Avenue NW, just east of Rogers Place on the former site of the Baccarat Casino.

Who can I reach out to with any questions or feedback about the upcoming events coming to Fan Park?

If you are reaching out during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9AM-4PM) please contact our Customer Service team at

If you are reaching out during an event, please contact our Text Assist line at 587-207-4357. Be sure to include the keyword ‘icedistrict’ in your text message.