New Fan Park Opening In ICE District

ICE District Fan Park

December 2, 2022 (Edmonton, Alberta) – OEG Sports & Entertainment is excited to announce a new Fan Park in ICE District that will create a vibrant multi-use space to host a wide variety of public events, activities and live entertainment.

The new Fan Park will be located on the parcel of land immediately east of Rogers Place between 102 Street and 101 Street, which was the former site of the Baccarat Casino. Upon completion, the Fan Park will feature a large, fenced, programmable space, art installations and greenery—all designed to accommodate festivals, sports and a variety of other events that celebrate the uniqueness of Oil Country, its citizens and Downtown Edmonton. From public events, exhibitions and live entertainment, to youth hockey programing on portable outdoor rinks in the winter and ball hockey in the spring and summer, the Fan Park will be a 12-months-a-year, programmable space that provides additional opportunities for outdoor entertainment and activities in the downtown core.

The new park will also increase capacity and sustainability for winter festivals while incorporating urban design elements for winter activities in alignment with Edmonton’s Winter City Strategy.

“By offering a safe, dedicated space to gather and play, we are creating an opportunity for increased vibrancy and new and unique events further enriching Daryl Katz’s vision of ICE District as the place for people to gather in Edmonton’s downtown,” said Stu Ballantyne, President and Chief Operating Officer, Rogers Place and ICE District. “We look forward to welcoming Edmontonians down to ICE District’s new Fan Park for a wide range of concerts, festivals, sporting events and other year-round entertainment for the whole family.”

As a central pillar of its mandate, the EOCF is investing into community and youth sport programming in the Fan Park to provide a safe space for hockey and other outdoor activities aimed at Edmonton’s inner-city and under-represented youth.

“We had a vision to create an outdoor space downtown where we can further grow youth participation in sports, activate community events, enhance safety and security and continue to promote downtown Edmonton as a family-friendly destination,” said Corey Smith, EOCF Board Chair. “As a core pillar within the EOCF mandate, we wanted to provide children of all backgrounds with access to sport, recreation and social opportunities by creating a new and vibrant space for activations, while also complementing our existing investments in the downtown core, most notably Boyle Street. For the upcoming year, we plan to have over 27,000 participants engage in our programs and having the use of the Fan Park in ICE District as part of our programming will allow us to not only hit but exceed this target.”

The EOCF investment in the Fan Park is made possible by the amazing support of Oilers fans through support of programs such as the 50/50 and will allow the EOCF to expand its programming and create a new urban space for all Edmontonians to enjoy.

Construction is currently underway with plans to host the first event in the new Fan Park this December.